2019 Football Championship Fixtures and Transfer stages


(UNLIMITED FREE / Max 2 from each county)

26th January 2019 Round 1

Division 1

Mayo v Roscommon

Kerry v Tyrone

Galway v Cavan

Monaghan v Dublin

Division 2

Clare v Donegal

Fermanagh v Cork

Kildare v Armagh

Meath v Tipperary


(2 Free with option of 3 Extra / Max 2 from each county)

2nd February Round 2

Division 1

Dublin v Galway

Cavan v Kerry

Roscommon v Monaghan

Tyrone v Mayo

Division 2

Cork v Kildare

Donegal v Meath

Tipperary v Fermanagh

Armagh v Clare

9th February Round 3

Division 1

Kerry v Dublin

Mayo v Cavan

Monaghan v Galway

Roscommon v Tyrone

Division 2

Fermanagh v Kildare

Clare v Cork

Meath v Armagh

Tipperary v Donegal


(2 Free with option of 3 Extra / Max 2 from each county)

23rd February Round 4

Division 1

Dublin v Mayo

Tyrone v Monaghan

Galway v Kerry

Cavan v Roscommon

Division 2

Armagh v Tipperary

Cork v Meath

Donegal v Fermanagh

Kildare v Clare

2nd March Round 5

Division 1

Mayo v Galway

Tyrone v Cavan

Roscommon v Dublin

Kerry v Monaghan

Division 2

Donegal v Armagh

Tipperary v Cork

Meath v Kildare

Fermanagh v Clare


(2 Free with option of 3 Extra / Max 3 from each county)

16th March Round 6

Division 1

Galway v Roscommon

Dublin v Tyrone

Kerry v Mayo

Monaghan v Cavan

Division 2

Clare v Meath

Cork v Donegal

Kildare v Tipperary

Armagh v Fermanagh

24th March Round 7

Division 1

Cavan v Dublin

Mayo v Monaghan

Roscommon v Kerry

Tyrone v Galway

Division 2

Armagh v Cork

Donegal v Kildare

Meath v Fermanagh

Tipperary v Clare


(3 Free / Max 4 from each county)

31st March Round 8

National Football League Division 1 Final

1st Placed Team v 2nd Placed Team

National Football League Division 2 Final

1st Placed Team v 2nd Placed Team